Large front view of Hyperion

Hyperion is an advanced high speed VTOL UAV concept made for time critical applications.

Hyperion in high speed configuration

High Cruise Speed of Mach 0.7

At Mach 0.7, Hyperion can finish a task before other drones arrive at the site of interest.

Hyperion in compact stowed configuration on top of a truck mounted launch container

VTOL – Operate Everywhere

Hyperion can take off and land vertically. At only 65 kg MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight), Hyperion is very compact and can easily be handled without heavy equipment.

Cutaway of Orthos, Hybrid Aerospace's high power hybrid jet engine

Hybrid Jet Engine

Orthos, our powerful hybrid jet engine allows for high speed and high efficiency. Besides improving efficiency, the hybrid engine can provide electric boost for enhanced power or generate electricity to power the hover engines and user payloads.

Close-up of the front section with focus on the advanced imaging gimbal pod.

Advanced Imaging Sensors

With 5kg payload capacity and a standardized payload adapter, Hyperion’s advanced imaging gimbal pod can be swapped for any payload.